Benefits of Swaddling Your Baby

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Swaddling is a skill that has existed for decades now and it is to do with the practise of snugly wrapping a baby in a soft sheet or blanket, which keeps the baby calm and safe. For centuries now, mothers have swaddled their babies as a way to keep them safe and make them fall asleep faster. Now this skill is gaining a lot of popularity as mothers have realised that it helps soothe their babies, keeps them calm throughout the night,and this helps mothers to get the much needed sleep. However there are plenty of other benefits to swaddling your baby. Here are few to keep in mind.

Lowers SIDS

SIDS also knows as sudden infant death syndrome is a common cause of mortality among infants. There is no known specific cause for SIDS. This makes the prospect of preventing it a tad difficult. However according to study on swaddling done by journal of paediatrics, swaddling helps lower the rate of SIDS. According to the study, swaddling prevents babies from covering their face with bedding and decreases their chances of flipping over to lie on their tummies both of which have been linked to increasing cases of SIDS.

Helps Soothe the Baby

Swaddling your baby can be a bit uncomfortable for them to begin with. In fact swaddling your baby can make them more frustrated and lead to louder crying episodes. However, this should not deter mothers from using swaddling as a way of calming their babies. Swaddling helps lay the foundation for which other soothing strategies can be used such as soothing motions, pacifier or white noise. Start by swaddling your baby and then introduce another soothing technique of your choice to help calm your baby. Aside from helping soothing techniques become more effective, swaddling has been shown to reduce baby’s crying by 28%. This means more rest for the baby and for the parents.

Peaceful Sleep

Putting your baby to sleep while they are swaddled helps them to sleep longer and better. According to a recent paediatrics study, swaddling prevents babies from startling themselves awake from their own limb or body movements. New-borns are notorious for taking small naps throughout the day, however it’s important to help them get to a point where they can achieve a few hours of continuous uninterrupted sleep and swaddling will help achieve this.

Boost Neuromuscular Development

Many parents think that it is important for their babies to have their arms free and mobile so they can practice gross motor skills such as putting food in their mouth, learn to grab their toys and many more hand movement skills. However, this is not the case seeing as most movement of the baby’s upper and lower limbs is actually random and unintentional. Swaddling immobilises a baby limbs and this has been shown to improve neuromuscular development, which translates to better fine and gross motor control. Swaddling is particularly helpful when it comes to premature babies who are at risk of adverse neurodevelopmental ailments.