Why Muslin Swaddle Blankets are Perfect for Summer!

iSwaddle Elephant Print Muslin Swaddle Blanket

A long, hot summer is welcomed by us all as a respite from the otherwise often miserable Great British weather, but when it comes to looking after your little ones, high temperatures can be problematic. You need to shade and protect your baby, but keep them feeling secure without overheating them or making them uncomfortable – and for this, a muslin swaddle blanket is the ideal summer companion.

Muslin cotton is one of the softest and purest cotton blends, extremely finely-woven and lightweight: so when little ones are wrapped up in it, they feel protected and well secured but not stuck or immovable. What’s more, muslin cotton is breathable, so oxygen and air can still circulate around the skin to naturally heat and cool it, as well as to let it ‘breathe’. Parents are also well assured that high-quality muslin cotton can last countless washes as a workhorse fabric and is durable enough to withstand even the most awkward of spillages and stains!

Machine washable muslin cotton is a must-have for all babies, and in the summer, using high-quality muslin swaddle blankets can become invaluable because of their adaptability and multi-functionality.

Draping a muslin cotton swaddle blanket across a cot, pram or pushchair gives a sun block from harsh rays while still allowing air to circulate and so not inadvertently increasing the temperature within to anything uncomfortable or potentially harmful. Even if baby grabs the muslin or it drops, you can be sure that a wash will suffice to clean it and put it back into reuse as soon as possible.

Baby’s sleeping habits in the summer can be interrupted throughout the summer for a variety of reasons, including lighter weather later and heat. There’s a careful balance to be made between keeping your little one cosy and not overheating them. As a guide, they should wear a short-sleeved baby-gro and a 0.5 tog sleeping bag or blanket in temperatures between 24c-27c, but any hotter, and just a short-sleeved baby-gro should suffice. If your little one likes to be ‘tucked in’, however, or needs an extra wind-protective layer in the day, a muslin cotton swaddle blanket makes the perfect items to wrap around them.

If you’re breast-feeding your little one, it’s important not to accidentally overheat or stress them during a feed – which can be easier said than done when out in the sun! Using a muslin cotton swaddle cloth across them not only protects baby from the sun’s rays and any disturbances so they can focus better on feeding what they need, but also guards your sensitive (and probably bare of protective sun products) skin from the elements outside.

iSwaddle offers only the highest quality of muslin cotton swaddle blankets, available in multi-packs for the best possible value. Choose from a range of designs and rest assured that they’ll last the long run – even if you’re not using them for swaddling at all!